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One of the great facts about jazz is that it bridges generations. Jazz relies on interactive improvisation and live performance, and thus can’t completely be taught in a classroom or with a book, aspiring younger musicians seek the direct guidance of older, wiser ones. Mentorship is crucial when passing on artistic genre to youth so the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz sees the component as a vital variable of its programs.  Mentoring fosters substantive one-to-one communications between student musicians and experienced master-level professionals.


General Youth Ensembles

This program is the standard grouping of youth who learn and perform together based on skill level.  Youth are assessed by instructors who will consider age and maturity before placing students into one of the following ensembles: junior-level for beginners, intermediate level, and senior level for more skilled players.  Once assigned an ensemble, youth are taught jazz compositions that are in line with their group capacities.  As students improve they may progress to more advanced ensembles groups.


Most of the youth programs lead up to major concerts, performances, showcases and features.  Recitals and the “showcasing” element of youth programs are essential to budding artists.  It strengthens stage presence, promotes self esteem, reinforces improvisational skills, and allows youth a chance to experience praise as a reciprocal measure of their invested time and hard work. In addition, at various times throughout the year, youth ensembles are called on to perform at events.

Students have performed at the many venues throughout the Greater Philadelphia Delaware Valley Region.  Select venue performance sites:  The Philadelphia Convention Center, the Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Lincoln Center, the U.N. Building in New York, The International Jazz Educators Conference in Anheim, California, Berklee City Music Network Conference and Festival and many other venues.


Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are offered at all levels in all music technology and recording, piano, vibes, drums, saxophone, trumpet, trombone keyboard, string, brass, percussion and fingerboard instruments as well as in voice music theory, and composition.  The Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz maintains several musical instruments and encourages students to have an instrument for study and, in limited circumstances, may be able to assist students in acquiring instruments on loan.  Individual lessons are open to youth and adults.


Mentorship:  Enables students interested in jazz to learn from the past while bringing the music into the future.

For students with limited opportunities for private lessons and exposure to working jazz artists, a master class can be particularly inspiring and motivating. The Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz & Performing Arts places a strong emphasis on master classes, which bring leading jazz practitioners into the classroom to perform, teach, answer questions and offer guidance, both musical and personal.

Our master classes provide student musicians with outstanding opportunities to learn from and be mentored by top jazz players, Philadelphia Clef Club faculty and visiting artists. The master artist often focuses on common topics: improvisation, ensemble playing, practice techniques, the creative process, and ways to improve performance.


The camp is a jazz education program developing the next generation of jazz artists and preserving the great American art form.   Our summer camp continues the legacy through accessible education for the greater Philadelphia region, and supports the evolving art form through talent development, programming, and public performance.

  • Music Theory
  • Jazz History
  • Jazz Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Ensemble Performances
  • Vocal Ensembles
  • Master Classes with Renowned Guest Artists
  • Distinguished Faculty
  • Instruction on Various Instruments
  • Small Group Rehearsals
  • Jam Sessions


The music appreciation school program is designed to broaden student’s musical horizons by teaching them about the world of music.  These programs will focus on discussing and familiarizing students with major jazz musicians, by exploring music from all over the world. Performance is a key component for each presentation, by presenting an appreciation of various cultures through music.

The teaching artists who conduct workshops in schools focus on jazz music and touches upon classical music, swing, and Rhythm and Blues, contemporary and hip hop. By doing so students learn how American base music affects people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.

Teaching artists – the faculty ensemble as well as special guest musicians present performances in multi-media, musical presentations, informal talks and question and answer sessions.  In schools, performances are presented student assembly format, as well as, informal talks and mini workshops which occur before or after a performance to small groups. Listed is subject focus:

  • Modern Keyboard
  • Vocals
  • History of African American Music (Jazz)
  • Bebop to Hip Hop
  • Percussion Instruments (Latin & African)